About Anne

Anne & Macaque juvenile (who had just landed on her shoulder)

Barbary Macaques in Gibraltar’s Nature Reserve are the largest population of free-roaming monkeys in Europe.


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My eye is drawn to graphical features in everyday life that we often take for granted — from infrastructure (water towers, bridges) to abstract patterns in interiors to design elements shared by human and non-human faces,

During my 13 years of photographic exploration, I’ve also been fascinated with capturing moments of people’s work lives (see my series “Bread & Roses.”)

Finally, I seek to capture design elements in landscapes and their inhabitants – plants, animals, and other small creatures.  I grew up in the state of Virginia in the U.S., exploring lush pine woods and nearby tidal pools of the James River – always full of amazing shapes and fascinating critters.  These discoveries brought me joy in my youth and still do today.



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