Radiols inspire sculptures & fashion (Red pencil sea urchin, Hawaii)
Puffer fish (Hotel)
The idea of light (Hotel)
Cool blades (Hotel)
Floating down green (Taubman Museum of Art, U.S.)
Conch shell (Greenwich, UK)
Building fronds. (Washington D.C.)
The Hangzhou stadium copied the beauty of a lotus flower by translating shape into a sequence of modular petal structures that encircles the stadium.
A biomimetic influence (Lotus, stage 1)
Lotus, stage 2
Department store art (Red River Delta, Vietnam)
(Cambridge, UK)
circles 1 - bottle ceiling
circles 2 - Baseball stadium
Chua Phuoc Hai temple (Ho Chi Minh City)
Construction at sunset
Flat-roof duplexes
Old-style city dwelling
Biosphere 2 (New Mexico U.S.)
cool green gear
Power struggle
Networks & hierarchies